Here, There and Everywhere
Paula, Brazilian.
"Life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans"


Raul Seixas

    (…) Sempre tive um espírito aventureiro meio louco. Uma vontade de meter o pé na estrada e seguir. Sem rumo, sem direção. Só aproveitando o caminho, sem pensar no amanhã ou no ontem.


“Today is gonna be the day 
That they’re gonna throw it back to you 
By now you should’ve somehow 
Realized what you gotta do 
I don’t believe that anybody 
Feels the way I do 
About you now”

                                 Wonderwall, Oasis


Did you know that you can drink lava? But only once


'You could've taken anyone!’ said Ron in disbelief over dinner. ‘Anyone! And you chose Loony Lovegood?’

'Don't call her that, Ron,' snapped Ginny, pausing behind Harry on her way to join friends. 'I'm really glad you're taking her, Harry, she's so excited.'

as always, who is sentimental about their friendship? Not me, of course